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Photo: Two nursing staff from the children's hospital in Schömberg push two children in wheelchairs.

Whistleblower protection

    Simple, secure, fast, anonymous - the registration portal of Reha-Südwest / Kinderklinik Schömberg

    Trust center - Reporting office


    You have knowledge of

    • Cross-border behavior
    • Fraud or bribery
    • Violation of occupational safety regulations
    • Another violation of applicable legal regulations at the Kinderklinik-Schömberg and at Reha-Südwest?

    Whistleblowers make an important contribution to uncovering and punishing wrongdoing.

    However, in the past there have been repeated cases in which they have been disadvantaged professionally as a result of reporting wrongdoing.

    The aim of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) is to protect whistleblowers from discrimination and to give them legal certainty.

    Reha-Südwest / Kinderklinik Schömberg has set up a reporting point portal for this purpose and appointed two reporting point officers.

    You are welcome to use our reporting office portal for your report. The reporting office portal is located on an independent platform from the company LegalTegrity. This means that the report can only be accessed and processed by the authorized persons of Reha-Südwest.

    This guarantees data protection-compliant processing and, if you wish, complete anonymity.

    Simple, secure, fast, anonymous - the Reha-Südwest whistleblower portal

    The internal reporting office is: simple - secure - fast - anonymous!
    The system allows you to keep up to date with the current status and we can communicate with you without knowing who you are.

    You also have the option of submitting your report by telephone via the LegalTegrity Phone number +49 800 3800 999 from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

    Confidentiality is always our top priority!

    Do you have any questions or would you prefer to talk to us in person?
    If so, please contact the reporting officers on +49 721 9814185 (Quality Management) or +49 721 9814140 (Internal Audit).

    Please submit your report here:
    (You are leaving the vicinity of Kinderklinik Schömberg.)

    Note: You also have the option of submitting your report to the Federal Office of Justice.