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Picture: An educator and a pupil working on a tablet

Clinic School

    Clinic School at the Children's Hospital Schömberg

    The clinic school is a private, state-recognised special education and counselling centre for pupils undergoing long-term hospital treatment (SBBZ SilK). The school kindergarten for the physically disabled belongs to the clinic school.

    The clinic school at the Schömberg Children's Hospital supports and teaches children, youths and young adults who are admitted to the clinic as inpatients. The clinic school is run by Reha-Südwest für Behinderte gGmbH.

    Our Concept

    We teach the pupils with the aim of reintegrating them into school after their stay at the clinic. To this end, we are in close contact with parents and relatives. With consent of the parents or guardians, we contact the home schools or the schools to be attended in the future. The exchange with the home schools enables us to find out about the pupil's abilities and current learning content.

    With support diagnostic procedures, we can make statements about learning requirements and learning opportunities. The team advises pupils, students and parents on learning development, school career and career prospects.

    Our offer

    Individual and group teaching

    The design of the lessons and the lesson content are based on the individual support needs of each pupil. The teachers take into account the current learning abilities as well as the educational plans of the home school. In addition to the classic subjects, the clinic school offers basic support, augmentative and alternative communication, art and climbing. The pupils are taught individually or in groups with children and young people of the same age. The form of instruction is determined on the basis of the pupil's prerequisites. In group lessons, interdisciplinary learning content is offered. Individual lessons take place in order to build a personal relationship and promote the development of the pupil.

    Our Team

    Special education teachers and primary and secondary school teachers work in the clinic school. The team works closely with the school kindergarten in terms of pedagogy. At the same time, the teachers are in exchange with the nursing, therapeutic and medical departments.

    Opening hours

    The school is open all year round with the exception of the Christmas holidays.


    Clinic School SBBZ
    at the Children`s Hospital Schömberg
    Römerweg 7
    75328 Schömberg

    Phone: 07084 928 160
    Telefax: 07084 928 264

    Divisional Management: Kerstin Liehr-Ohle