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Picture: A patient is being examined

Range of Medical treatments

Special treatment for special patients

Almost all patients of the Children`s Hospital Schömberg suffer from a serious neurological disease in common. Very often, this also means a chronic illness. Especially for patients with multiple disabilities, we create conditions for individual medical care.

As a so-called "special facility", we are granted this personalised care by the funding agency. It combines two principles:

  • Our complex and time-intensive care creates a treatment framework that promotes development.
  • The duration of treatment is based on individual needs and not on diagnosis codes and treatment numbers.

This is often decisive for the success of treatment for young people with disabilities.

Neurological disorders affect the nervous system and, despite a wide variety of causes or damage, usually lead to a manageable number of clinical pictures requiring treatment. These can vary considerably in their severity and in their age-specific appearance. The Children's Hospital Schömberg can offer treatment concepts for most of them.

Many severely affected children have several clinical pictures, which we treat at the same time if possible. Non-neurological concomitant diseases or symptoms are also treated. If necessary, we cooperate with neighbouring paediatric clinics and maintain a close collegial exchange with them.