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Picture: A nurse leads a little girl by the hand


    Good cooperation for the benefit of our patients

    To enable the Children's Hospital Schömberg to concentrate on its core business, the medical and therapeutic work for its patients, it cooperates with the Klinikum Stuttgart in the administrative area. The paediatric clinic also uses central administrative services of the parent company Reha-Südwest. Together they pursue the goal of achieving optimal treatment conditions and treatment quality under economic conditions. For the benefit of patients and families, the paediatric clinic in Schömberg is also closely networked with the surrounding hospitals and medical practices.


    The Children's Hospital Schömberg is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reha Südwest für Behinderte gGmbH with its headquarters in Karlsruhe.

    Central services such as accounting, construction and public relations of the Schömberg Children's Hospital are provided by the central administration in Karlsruhe. Reha-Südwest is the responsible body for the affiliated
    Special Education and Counselling Centre for Pupils undergoing Long-term Hospital Treatment (SBBZ SilK) and is responsible for operational integration management and occupational health and safety. The property Kinderklinik Schömberg is owned by Reha-Südwest gGmbH.


    Klinikum Stuttgart

    There has been an administrative cooperation with Klinikum Stuttgart since 2010. This covers the areas of commercial management, human resources, hospital financing and, in part, purchasing and IT.

    Other Cooperations

    The Children's Hospital Schömberg cooperates on a medical level with the children's hospitals within a radius of about one hundred kilometres. The children's hospital is also well networked on a supraregional level. Some large neuro-orthopaedic children's departments regularly transfer patients for follow-up treatment or mobilisation treatment. Patients are transferred for neurological early rehabilitation from all over Baden-Württemberg and the neighbouring federal states. For further diagnostics and interventions not available on site, such as X-ray or MRI examinations, we are well networked with clinics, colleagues in private practice and other specialist departments in the surrounding area.

    The Children's Hospital Schömberg regularly participates in medical quality circles and also organises quality circles.