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Zwei kleine Patienten, der Therapiehund der Kinderklinik und die zuständige Therapeutin in fröhlicher Stimmung


    Long-term support from the foundation

    The foundation Children`s Hospital Schömberg was established in 2018 by the then head physician Dr. Gerhard Niemann on the initiative of the then member of the Bundestag Hans-Joachim Fuchtel. Together with Mayor Matthias Leyn and Schömberg citizen Wolfgang Obert, a foundation was established that opens up new possibilities for us to financially support the work of the Children's Hospital Schömberg.

    With District Administrator Helmut Riegger, the Schömberg municipal council and many private donors, the ambitious project was implemented. The purpose of the foundation is to support the clinic with additional funding for larger, forward-looking projects.

    As a trust foundation under the umbrella of the Foundation for the Region - Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw, professional, bundled, cost-effective administration is provided. This is supplemented by further support, for example in the form of new network partners and project support. The purpose of the foundation remains unaffected.

    How can you support our foundation and what are your tax advantages?

    Through your donation

    • Regulation for private individuals: Each year, up to 20% of the total amount of income (with the exception of income from capital gains) can be deducted as special expenses.
    • Regulation for companies: 4% of the sum of the total turnover and the wages and salaries spent in the calendar year

    Through your endowment (contribution to the assets of our foundation)

    • Spread over 10 years, the maximum amount of up to 1 million euros (2 million euros for married couples) can be claimed as special expenses for tax purposes. This deduction is possible in addition to the general donation deduction. Income from capital gains is exempt.

    By transfer of assets

    The transfer of assets to the endowment capital of a charitable foundation is exempt from gift and inheritance tax. The foundation capital is increased as a result. It may not be touched, only the income is available for the foundation's purposes. This ensures that the assets transferred to you are not misappropriated.

    • Regulation in the case of gifts: Transferred assets are tax-reducing within the scope of special expenses within 10 years up to 1 million per person.
    • Regulation in the case of inheritance: The transfer of assets in the case of inheritance is exempt from inheritance tax. This regulation also applies retroactively two years after the inheritance. If the inheritance or part of it is transferred to a charitable foundation, any inheritance tax already paid is refunded with the corrected inheritance tax return.

    Your donations or endowments have an impact.

    Your donation or endowment will help us to treat our patients, both young and old, even more effectively. We are very pleased with your contribution, which not least also expresses your appreciation of our work.

    Donation account of the Schömberg Children's Hospital Foundation
    Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw
    IBAN: DE50 6665 0085 0008 9688 88


    Lina Wahlen
    Management office

    Phone: 07084 928 391
    Telefax: 07084 928 28 391

    Other ways you can support us