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Picture: Exterior view of the clinic building with a view of the main entrance

50 years of the Kinderklinik Schömberg

    Our anniversary - a reason to celebrate. Celebrate with us.

    What began half a century ago with the initiative of a parents' self-help association has developed steadily. The Children's Hospital Schömberg contributes to providing children and adolescents with neurological diseases or permanent disabilities with an appropriate treatment framework. This applies equally to acute treatment and rehabilitative content.

    For 50 years, we have been committed to equal rights and participation as well as the best possible development opportunities for children and adolescents with disabilities. If you compare the treatment options that now exist for this with those 50 years ago, this is certainly a success story and a reason to celebrate. In the same way, 50 years of the Children's Hospital Schömberg are an obligation to continue to make medical and technical progress available to a group of very special people in need of special support. From our self-image, a society must always be measured by how well it succeeds in caring for its weakest.


    The first plans for a whole series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the Children's Hospital have already been made in 2019. A large and exuberant summer party. A light-hearted celebration for the staff. A continuing education series. Then Corona came along and threw a spanner in the works. As a healthcare company, we have a special responsibility to protect our staff, patients and guests, so free access to the clinic and exuberant celebrations without hygiene rules still do not seem appropriate. A ceremony with a guest list, seating arrangements and, depending on the pandemic situation, a subsequent get-together has seemed feasible since last autumn, so we have focussed our planning on this. For this purpose, numerous political representatives as well as representatives of the parent company Reha-Südwest für Behinderte gGmbH as well as cooperation partners, friends and supporters were invited.

    Despite the high number of infections, the event seems feasible as of April 2022, especially since the municipality of Schömberg will provide us with the spacious and festive premises of the Kurhaus on our desired date.

    We hope that the invited guests will accept the invitation, that the speeches and the supporting programme will be entertaining and that the weather will cooperate so that we can celebrate our 50th anniversary in an appropriate setting.