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Picture: Information counter in the entrance area of a ward at the Schömberg children's clinic.

Registration and admission

    What is important in advance

    The registration of a patient can be made in writing at our hospital. As a rule, this is done by the attending physician or the transferring hospital, and the funding agencies (e.g. Health insurance, or embassy) can also contact us directly. Relatives or patients can also send us a pre-registration with the relevant medical documents for our information.

    If you would like to make an enquiry by telephone and you are in search of the right person to answer your questions, you will be put through to the person in charge in order to give you detailed information. Please report to reception at the agreed time on the day of admission and bring a referral slip with you.

    An admission interview takes place with the ward physician and, if necessary, nursing staff and therapists. This can take up to an hour. We take this time to understand the patient and his or her environment and to record existing problems as precisely as possible.

    During the stay

    Accommodation on one of the four wards is in spacious and bright two-bed rooms in our ward block. Single rooms are also available. In addition to the patient rooms, there are recreation rooms on each ward where patients can eat, play and talk. The canteen is also gladly used as a common room by the patients and their companions.

    The rooms are equipped with wall-mounted TVs, except in the toddler ward. It is possible to book WLAN time slots for a flat fee. In addition, a SAFESPACE is available on one ward as a retreat, also for relaxation or basal support. In the patients' rooms, too, a projector can be used to create an image and sound environment that provides variety and promotes relaxation. School and kindergarten rooms as well as a room for occupational therapy are also integrated into the daily routine of the ward.


    Accommodation of an accompanying person in the patient's room is possible if medically necessary and if there is sufficient space on the ward.

    Comfortable extra beds are available for accompanying relatives. The co-admitted accompanying person can also stay overnight in a nearby boarding house and be with their child during the day.


    The children's hospital in Schömberg has its own kitchen where the food is freshly prepared every day, with preference given to regional products. In addition to the necessary special diets, two menus, including Muslim food, are offered fresh daily.

    For those accompanying persons who do not eat their meals with the patients on the ward, there is a cafeteria where - as far as the Corona regulations allow - all meals can be taken. A coffee and sweets vending machine is available for in-between meals.


    Depending on the medical-rehabilitative indication, a leave of absence for one night may be considered in individual cases.

    Optional services

    The paediatric clinic has another ward, which is exclusively equipped with eight spacious single rooms with upmarket furnishings and their own large wet room. These single rooms are available in combination with other additional services as optional services and offer additional amenities. Elective services may be covered by your health insurance through a corresponding supplementary insurance. They often have to be applied for in advance. Please contact us, we will be happy to support you!

    The need for careful monitoring with the need for rapid medical-nursing intervention may prevent the use of elective services. Here we make a case-by-case assessment in advance based on the available information.


    Ines Glaser


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    Anna Reimann


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