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Picture: Many hands intertwine. Together for the Children's Hospital Schömberg

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    Helping together - your donation counts

    Around one thousand children and adolescents are treated as inpatients at the Children`s Hospital Schömberg every year. A stay in hospital is always a difficult situation for the whole family. Away from home, separated from parents and siblings, from their own bed. Torn away from familiar surroundings. It is important that everything is done to make the young patients and their relatives feel comfortable.


    The financing of clinic operations is regulated by the Hospital Act and enables adequate equipment for smooth clinic operations.

    Still, special childhood-related needs in case of a long term hospital stay or a severe affection mostly remain unconsidered, although these children with their needs are exactly our patients. For them, we have to provide additional equipment and treatment options that meet their needs. Activities and well-equipped recreational areas enable improved participation and conditions conducive to development. Forms of therapy that are not included in the catalogue of remedies, such as music therapy or animal-assisted therapy, as well as visits by the clinic clowns, must be financed on a donation basis as well.

    All these aspects and especially these special forms of therapy are not sufficiently taken into account by the statutory hospital financing, so that we are dependent on your support here.

    It doesn't matter whether you can "only" spare a few euros, support the sponsoring association (Freunde der Kinderklinik), support one of the aforementioned forms of therapy over a longer period of time with an earmarked large donation or provide additional funds for the Children's Hospital Schömberg in the long term by increasing the foundation's assets. In any case, the money will benefit better patient care!


    Helping together – your donation counts

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    The Children's Hospital Schömberg gGmbH is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Donations are tax deductible.

    You will receive a donation receipt for your donations, which you can claim in your tax return. Donations up to 200 euros can also be submitted to the tax office without a donation receipt (Zuwendungsbestätigung) with the deposit slip of the bank transfer. Please transfer the desired amount to the donation account below with your name in the reason for payment. If a donation receipt is desired, please include your address.

    Donation account

    Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw
    IBAN: DE52 6665 0085 0004 8542 09

    You are also welcome to contact Ms Wahlen by telephone for further information or to make a personal donation:


    Lina Wahlen
    Management office

    Phone: 07084 928 391
    Telefax: 07084 928 28 391

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