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Medical team

    Our medical team

    Our team of doctors consists mainly of medical specialists, the leading doctors are paediatric neurologists. All doctors in the team are very experienced in dealing with our special patients and their clinical pictures and developmental problems. The patients are assigned to the wards and thus to the doctors mainly on the basis of age. An exception are the home-breathed patients, who are mainly cared for on ward A.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries as to whether the Children's Hospital Schömberg is the right place to treat a diagnosis that your child has and that you have not been able to find in our main treatment areas.



    Dr. med. Tobias Renk
    Medical Director and Managing Director

    Phone: 07084 928 391

    Hr. Schadi Al Khabir
    Deputy Medical Director

    Phone: 07084 928 391