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 Picture: A group of teachers and children playing music together.


    School kindergarten at the children's hospital Schömberg

    In the Schömberg school kindergarten for the physically disabled, children from the age of two until they start school receive special educational support and care.

    You are an inpatient at the Children's Hospital Schömberg:
    Support is provided in small groups, in individual situations and in cross-disciplinary programmes.


    Our concept

    We are guided by the mission statement of the mother company Reha-Südwest. Our educational mission is based on the administrative regulations for school kindergartens and the orientation plan for education and upbringing for kindergartens in Baden-Württemberg. We teach the contents using differentiated methods and materials. Family orientation is just as important to us as mutual trust and a sense of well-being. We promote the child's emotional stability in the context of illness, the consequences of accidents or separation anxiety and take their socio-cultural environment into account. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a matter for us.

    Our offer

    In our differentiated teaching, we focus on the competencies of each individual, whereby the child with its abilities and possibilities is the centre of attention. We support all children from a holistic point of view. By creating a needs-oriented environment, the child experiences recognition and affirmation. In small groups or in individual support situations, we teach basic skills, promote perceptual skills, social learning and independence.

    Our support services are created with the help of individual target agreements and observations. We document the child's development using daily notes and reports. With consent of the legal guardians, we contact the previous or future home kindergartens. We support the parents if they need help in finding a pre-school place of learning.

    The presence of family members in the group is welcomed, especially during the settling-in phase. In cooperation with the parents, a relationship is developed between the child and the pedagogical staff. The settling-in period includes all steps that enable the child and his/her family to become familiar with the procedures, rules and rituals.


    Our Team

    Specialists from the fields of education, special education and remedial education work in the school kindergarten. Diagnostic and counselling activities are also carried out by special education teachers from the Schömberg hospital school. The team of the school kindergarten regularly exchanges information with the interdisciplinary team of the Children's Hospital Schömberg.

    Opening hours

    The school kindergarten is open all year round with the exception of the Christmas holidays.


    at the Children's Hospital Schömberg
    Römerweg 7
    75328 Schömberg

    Phone: 07084 928 170
    Telefax: 07084 928 264

    Divisional Management: Franziska Hemann