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Eine Patientin der Kinderklinik Schömberg wird mit Hilfe eines Stehbettes in eine aufrechte Position gebracht

Protective measures that restrict freedom

    Protective measures that restrict freedom

    Protective measures to restrict the freedom of children and adolescents with disabilities during an inpatient stay in the paediatric clinic

    For some of our patients, individually defined measures that restrict freedom (e.g. protective bed rails, supportive belts) must be used during their inpatient stay for their own protection.
    In order to use these measures (during the inpatient stay), it is necessary for the parents to present a corresponding authorisation from the family court for the inpatient stay (§1631 b BGB).
    If your child requires the use of such measures, we would ask you to submit an application to your local family court.

    You will find a sample application in the download area below. The application must be completed by your family doctor or paediatrician (medical justification).

    In acute cases (determination of necessity after admission to the paediatric clinic or change in the situation with newly arising needs), a judicial authorisation is applied for at the responsible family court with the consent of the custodian. We will support you with the application.

    Our self-image:
    As a matter of principle, measures that restrict freedom are only carried out under continuous review and reflection in a multi-professional team by interdisciplinary specialists (e.g. therapists, doctors, psychologists, educationalists) and the parents. All procedures are transparent, predictable and binding.

    The decisive criterion for us is the best interests of the child.

    If you have any questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic social work department:
    Telephone: +49 (7084) 928 - 156

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