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Picture: A therapist advises a mother and her son on the subject of orthoses.

Discharge Management

    For the time after discharge

    As a specialist neurological hospital for children and adolescents, we have to ensure that our range of services is broad. An exclusive focus on medicine would not meet the needs of our patients.

    For the time after discharge, it is also important to ensure that questions about how to continue in various areas of life are clarified at the time of discharge. Sometimes there are only simple questions and solutions are found quickly. Occasionally, a discharge raises all kinds of problems that have to be clarified by the treatment team and especially by the clinic social work.

    Examples of this are:

    Are there any treatments that need to be continued? What are the contacts for different medical problems

    Does a care service need to be organised? Is a nursing bed necessary? Does the child need care products?

    Which therapies are to be continued on an outpatient basis? Are there any contacts with practices? Do appointments still need to be made?

    Have prescriptions been put in place? Is there any contact with the responsible medical supply companies?

    Social counselling:
    What legal questions are unresolved? Where can you turn if...?

    School or kindergarten:
    Is it clear whether and when the child can go back to school or kindergarten? What support measures still need to be applied for?


    Marion Pliske
    Social worker

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