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Photo: Two nursing staff from the children's hospital in Schömberg push two children in wheelchairs.

Reasons for admission

    Reasons for admission to the Children`s Hospital Schömberg

    The Children's Hospital Schömberg is a specialist clinic for diseases, disabilities or other problems related to the brain, the nervous system or the organs controlled by it. Our services are tailored to provide good diagnostics and counselling for these children, adolescents and young adults. After consultation with you, we then offer individually tailored multidisciplinary treatment.

    We can help if:

    • Your child has an acquired brain injury of which the cause is known (e.g. after an accident or due to birth complications).
    • your child shows neurological symptoms, even if the cause is not known. We then consider together again whether further examinations are useful to find the cause. In these cases, too, the treatment is based on the child's problems
    • Your child has had an orthopaedic or other operation as a result of his or her underlying neurological condition and now requires intensive follow-up treatment.
    • your child is suspected of having a seizure disorder (epileptic) or epilepsy has been confirmed.
    • Your child has movement disorders or problems with movement/continuous movement
    • Your child shows autistic traits or presents with an autism spectrum condition
    • your neurologically affected child has an acute problem with pain, breathing, feeding and digestion, etc.


    Ines Glaser


    Phone: 07084 928 115
    Telefax: 07084 928 28 115